bookooBread – LookingOutwards

This piece is by Helena Sarin @helena.sarin 

It is a part of her Latenttuce series for her book, The Book of veGAN.

While I know these are supposed to be lettuces, I couldn’t help but looking at them like they were raw chunks of meat… The texture is so wonderfully lumpy and bulbous in spots. As many of you already know I am super into these kinds of fleshy/bodily textures, so this one really caught my eye.


generated image of red flowers in a vase

I find this particular image from Helena Sarin intriguing in that I don’t want to believe it’s generated–I want to believe this is a painting, with brushes and existence outside a screen and all, like so many other images of flowers in vases I’ve seen; to have to grapple with the fact that it is not that makes me frustrated in an interesting way, so I thought maybe I could share that feeling with another viewer by choosing this as my post.

rathesungod – LookingOutwardsDo2

Latent Boids: The Fatherhood
too weird to live, too rare to die

always finding the way to plug in some reference to Ralph Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson

I found this piece to be eye catching and fluid at first glance. I was really interested in the line work and primary colors that worked together against a white background.




Zach Lieberman calls this generative artwork  ‘simple’.  I was drawn to this specific artwork because it related to my instructional drawing with the ABC’s. I think the instructions I gave, could be written in code to produce the same image I created. In addition, it would be interesting to apply this to my interest in graphic design.


“Circle to Square” by Zach Lieberman.

I was scrolling through his profile, admiring the works but not necessarily feeling drawn to any, before I saw this; it draws parallels in my mind to “The Rose” by Jay DeFeo, which similarly was a merger of geometric patterns surrounding a central space. “The Rose” is one of my favorite paintings ever made because of its sculptural qualities.

“The Rose” by Jay DeFeo