YoungLee – Phazero Lecture

My favorite part of her presentation was when she mentioned those middle school students playing her game and interacting with the emotions brought up throughout the gameplay. It was very heartwarming to see how her creation affected those around her, and similarly, I also want to make art that has a profound impact on others in a positive way.

I also found it inspiring when she said that when she needed to learn to program, she learned it herself, and when she needed to learn 3D modeling using various software, she learned it herself using the internet (~29:03). I found this to be very true especially throughout this academic year. We learned so many tools and software that it was really up to us to learn how to use them ourselves, figure out certain bugs and work through it using the internet/forums.

YoungLee – Situated Eye




Link to code:

I did not get to finish the project. However, my idea was to have a program that notices when you are asleep during class and wakes you up with a sound whenever you start dozing off. This was inspired by me always falling asleep during class.

Problems I ran into:
Other than problems in my code, I’ve noticed that it becomes difficult for the machine to delineate between me closing my eyes or looking down and sleeping.

YoungLee – Image Processor


When I was a part of my newspaper class in high school, I came across my high school yearbook from 1978. I remember being fascinated by it and took images of the black and white photos. At the time, the only colorized photos were the senior portraits and nothing else, so using the neural filter tool in photoshop, I colorized the other images. It was really easy to use, and I will definitely use it in the future as well.



  1. Pandas are the cutest animals in the world, and you’ve got to admire the skill involved in driving them back to their miserable home before they’re eaten or go on the run. This endangered species’ drive to mate is ferocious, as the pandas in the video above show, and this male has pretty much given up after suffering two near-fatal attacks. Incredibly, the male had to be carried back to the female panda enclosure by animal wrangler Roland Pfeifer, after the poor bear tried to defend herself by attempting to fight him off.
  2. JHope from BTS is part of the group and he has broken the internet with his latest Instagram pictures. The singer looks super adorable in a double denim look in the photo. K-pop boy band BTS’ Jin is mesmerising his fans with his latest Instagram photos. The fans were already amazed after seeing the photos that have been released from the video promotions, but now they are even more excited and cannot stop raving about the stunning pictures. In the photo, Jin is seen wearing a denim jacket and a pair of

After using this tool, I wonder where the data came from and where different correlations are made. For example, in mine, the one about BTS made more sense even though it’s a very specific category compared to pandas.



John Oliver’s video more so addressed how facial recognition software can harm people’s right to privacy while the other sources addressed algorithmic bias. I think that there should be government regulation on facial recognition software so that it avoids improper use by everyday civilians and big corporations. Perhaps they should make government officials/police ask for a warrant from a judge to access the technology, similar to issuing a search warrant if there is probable cause.

I thought algorithmic bias was a very interesting topic. It reminded me of an incident that occurred a few years ago when Google accidentally categorized a black person as ‘gorillas’ in Google photos (Link: ). I thought it was interesting how human kind’s own biases translated into software, which further proves the eminent issue.

YoungLee – 08 – LookingOutwards





This project uses different textures and patterns seen in famous paintings and applies them to various 3D renderings. I liked how the program allowed people to use almost any combination of a painting/texture and 3D rendering. The 3D aspect of it made it such an immersive experience, and the results were very beautiful. Additionally, my favorite part of the project was that it makes it easier for people to create worlds that fit their own personal artistic tastes.

YoungLee – Interactive Narrative


My idea was to use the Bitsy game to narrate a scene from Spirited Away, but because it was 2D it did become difficult to actually visualize the narrative clearly. My narrative comes to an abrupt end because I didn’t finish it, but my vision was to end the game with Chihiro eating rice balls and crying. Although the final result was not what I initially wanted, I learned a lot about the program and became more accustomed to it as well. It was very easy to work with, and I want to make more in the future.

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