Deliverables 07

1. Looking Outwards

For Wednesday March 24: 

2. Bitsy Tutorial

In-class on Monday 3/29, we will complete this Bitsy Tutorial.

Please complete this tutorial ASAP so that you have demonstrated your understanding of the tool and its deployment pipeline. This assignment will be checked but not evaluated.

3. Interactive Narrative

Create an interactive Bitsy experience which retells the story (and/or recreates the world) of one of the following:

  • A memory from your childhood
  • A dream you remember
  • A fairy tale you relate to
  • A joke or shaggy-dog story you like to tell

(It may help to plan out your game using a storyboard and graph paper.) This project has two due dates:

  • Intermediate: Wednesday March 31: Internal Review (play with each other)
  • Final: Wednesday April 7: External Review (with guests)

Do the following:

  • Create your Bitsy game/story/experience
  • Publish the final version online at
  • Make sure your project has an intriguing title and short description
  • Create a blog post entitled nickname-Dream, nickname-Memory, nickname-Narrative, etc.
  • Categorize your blog post, 07-InteractiveNarrative
  • In the blog post, embed some screenshots and sketches of your project.
  • If you think it would be helpful, also embed a GIF or a brief video (especially if you use sound).
  • Write a paragraph which describes the experience in simple terms.
  • Write a paragraph evaluating your project, and discussing your experience making it.
  • Write an answer to the following: In our upcoming in-class critique, what would be helpful for you to get feedback on? What decisions did you make that you’re not sure about?