Monday – Environment



For this project I wanted to create an atmospheric, calming place. I wanted to replicate the feeling of a walk at night and focused a lot on the ambience and lighting choices and took a lot of inspiration from some of my favorite games that I really appreciate for their peaceful environments.

Monday – PhazeroVideo

I really enjoyed this presentation and I really appreciated the Q & A segment at the end because it meant a lot to me to hear about learning and traversing game development and design alone from someone with an arts background and interest like mine.

Monday – ArtBreeder

I was really amazed at what Artbreeder can do! I had only heard about it before because a lot of people were using the face models to create characters, but there’s so many possibilities. I was really interested in the types of character designs i could make with it.

Monday – LookingOutwards07

Looking at these bitsy games made me so unbelievably excited for our next project. I really loved  the short narrative games I found, and a lot of them were touching in a really beautiful way to me.  I was especially drawn to the heartfelt, poetic messages and worldbuilding that the two games novena and i had another dream about you last night achieved, and the support and sense of community that they fostered in the community’s response to these games. Others like SPACE RAT and onion detective 2 were much more light-hearted, but still gave me the same hopeful and wholesome feelings as the others did and I really enjoyed the fictional worlds they created.

Monday – NFTMinting


Girl with streaked hair

This was the first artwork I minted for 0.1 tezos in an edition size of 20. It only took me about 20 minutes to make this one and I worked on it one night just for practice so I wasn’t too attached to it.

Gust of Wind

This second one was something I started at the beginning of the semester in-between  assignments but then forgot about. Although it’s unfinished, I ended up liking this one a lot more and put it up on Hic et Nunc for 1 tezos in an edition of 20 as well.

Initially, I felt a lot of disdain for the much more popular NFT marketplaces we looked at. A lot of the artwork felt dishonest, and I felt like the “most successful” artworks were all made to follow popular trends on the sites with the goal of much a ton of profit. I felt much better posting on Hic et Nunc, and the community felt much more humble and unassuming, which aligned with how I personally view how art should be.

Monday – NFT Immersion

Beneath the Stars

Celebrate everything.


When I was looking at the different NFT marketplaces, I had a lot of mixed feelings about the work being sold and their worth and I really had no idea what kind of criteria I needed to use to judge these artworks. Although a lot of them show good craftsmanship, I wasn’t convinced if they were worth the cost of the energy they came with. I felt some disdain for pieces I felt lacked any type of originality or meaning, but I don’t know the original concepts of them. One that I chose, Celebrate Everything, had the same style and color choices that many online title the “Corporate Art Style.” This type of style, characterized by geometric figures with oversized and colorful limbs in utopian settings, is used by dozens of large corporations to appear vibrant and friendly, but lack any meaning when it’s used simply to make a flowery appearance.