03-24 Bitsy

Today, Connie will lead the class in learning about how to make games with Bitsy.

Looking Outwards

If you have not already done so, be sure to complete a Looking Outwards report for Bitsy games, ASAP, preferably before the weekend. A variety of compilation sites include the following:

About Bitsy by Adam LeDoux

The following slides are by Adam LeDoux, the creator of Bitsy.

Bitsy is a little editor for little games or worlds. It includes a map editor, sprite editor, palette tool, dialog tool, and easy export for the web. It is highly constrained (colors, resolution, frames), but doesn’t require programming.

People make all sorts of things with Bitsy, including interactive games, animations, and stories.

Adam was inspired to make Bitsy by toys like Polly Pocket, and other microworlds like dioramas, sketchbooks, Lego, and more.

Adam was also inspired by older creativity software like KidPix (try it!), and newer software like Pico-8.

Bitsy is ideal for making personal games.

Bitsy is also a community with values (welcoming, inclusive, anti-bigotry, anti-capitalist, collaborative, supportive). And the Bitsy community has released numerous extension tools, like Borksy

Bitsy Tutorial by Connie Ye

Our wonderful TA, Connie has prepared this slide presentation to explain how to use Bitsy.

Here are some additional tutorials: 

Bitsy Coding References: