02-08 Intro p5


  • Melanie Hoff: Already Always Coding
  • A few more generative artworks
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Introduction to p5.js
  • Introduction to Deliverables-02
  • Examination of Deliverables-01 (time permitting)

Introduction to p5.js

Orientation to p5.js: Who, What & Why

Introduction to the p5.js Tool & Ecosystem

Coding in p5.js

A few more generative artwork systems:

There is a wide range of process-based generative art and rule-based generative art that does not use code. SCUMAK by sculptor Roxy Paine, a machine that creates blobby plastic forms, is an excellent example. Each of the forms “generated” by the machine represents a negotiation between “parameters” represented by device settings and natural random forces in the physical world.

Here are computationally generated, 3D printed sculptures by Norwegian artist, Marius Watz: