Virtual Creature

Create a virtual creature which is puppeteered-by or responds-to the user’s mouse, microphone, and/or hands. The requirements are as follows:

  • Create your creature in p5.js in a canvas whose dimensions are 640 x 360. (I recommended this 16:9 aspect ratio since it will produce good video documentation.)
  • Record an interaction with your creature in a brief (~10 second) video or animated GIF screen capture.
  • In a blog post on this site, write a paragraph that discusses your development process, and critiques your work. Name your creature (or its species).
  • Embed a still image of your project.
  • Embed a photograph or scan of any sketches you made.
  • Upload and embed your video and/or GIF.
  • Title the blog post, nickname-Creature
  • Categorize the blog post, 05-Creature

Your creature is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, March 17.

Technical Assistance

Connie’s Quadruped Template (sketch):