#1: “fence”










This is an acrylic painting done using a cardboard stamp that I made in my 3D studio last semester. The pattern of this stamp was inspired by the Mongolian ger home skeleton. Using the three colors of the Mongolia flag, I randomly printed these patterns around the canvas. I really liked the result of the randomness. Then I used photoshop to invert the image I took of the painting. I think I was a little concerned with someone owning the original uninverted artwork but I actually like this version more. I like the contrast between the blue and yellow and the range of lightness of the colors.

#2: “spiral”


This is a still-life of a mixed media collage I did for my 2D studio last semester. I really liked this piece I did because it was so messy of a composition that it doesn’t appear to be a still-life. I think the unifier of the piece is the concept of a spiral. The target symbol at the center represents movement and that is where my title came from. Although I like this piece, I think others would enjoy it more so that’s why I decided to mint this piece.



I found the actual experience of minting and uploading my NFTs to be  rather simple. There was an unexpected feeling of accomplishment that I felt when Golan purchased my NFT for 1 tez and over the course of a few minutes seeing my wallet fill up. I was and still am conflicted with Etherium and Bitcoin based platforms because of the lack of empathy/foresight that the artists on those sites express. I would at the very minimum expect the argument of “Well my message is so important and so innovative and forward thinking that I can ignore it’s ill effect.” but that argument can’t really made because a large amount of NFT artists on proof of work platforms that I got to take a look at were just referencing NFTs or bitcoin and even Elon Musk. I have a hard time labelling all NFTs as evil or malicious, especially when ecologically the concerns of NFTs are largely mitigated at sites like hic et nunc. The issue is people who just one of apathy and hype. The hype around proof of work based platforms is self supporting and is drawing in artists daily. Artists who don’t really mind the ecological effects because they can’t see it, hence they don’t have to worry about it.

bumble_b – NFTMinting

A whole lot of heart

A bee and honey

I don’t know why the heart gif isn’t working, but I chose these two p5 works I did for my 0.1 Tezos mints! I’ve just started creating some really cool art this semester in this class (the past two years I have been creating more physical and 3D designs that I would’ve put up, but they would’ve just been photos of physical objects instead of actual creations), so I had some fun work from this class to choose from!

Sting  ray  petting  zoo

This is the work that I decided to put up for 1 Tezos. I feel kind of bad because I know this isn’t exactly the incredible work of art expected for the higher priced piece, but as we all know, I don’t really do art. I did this little pattern for my Basic Design class last year about my favorite part of the Georgia Aquarium… the place you can pet sting rays! It’s not perfect, and I definitely cringe looking back on it because I could do it much better now, but I’ve always loved this! I find it kind of simple, ugly, and charming.