heimlich exhibits one which is identical with its opposite, unheimlich does not stand for things which are not identical, or identical with their opposite. The same applies to die unheimlich (though, perhaps, that should be pronounced einfach unheimlich rather than unheimlich).

Freud’s concept of “parapraxis,” the inadvertent slip of the tongue that reveals a hidden truth, applied to his theories about repression. Many people have described things that don’t make sense or seem disconnected in a particular scenario to be the result of suppressed memories, for example, someone being kidnapped and put in a basement for weeks in an abusive household where they were either starved or fed a slop-like food. A person coming to, having experienced a ton of conflicting emotions (which was essentially the default setting for them, since they had never been allowed to
I was trying to see if I could use this to finish my art history presentation in a believable way… turns out I cannot.


  1. Pandas are the cutest animals in the world, and you’ve got to admire the skill involved in driving them back to their miserable home before they’re eaten or go on the run. This endangered species’ drive to mate is ferocious, as the pandas in the video above show, and this male has pretty much given up after suffering two near-fatal attacks. Incredibly, the male had to be carried back to the female panda enclosure by animal wrangler Roland Pfeifer, after the poor bear tried to defend herself by attempting to fight him off.
  2. JHope from BTS is part of the group and he has broken the internet with his latest Instagram pictures. The singer looks super adorable in a double denim look in the photo. K-pop boy band BTS’ Jin is mesmerising his fans with his latest Instagram photos. The fans were already amazed after seeing the photos that have been released from the video promotions, but now they are even more excited and cannot stop raving about the stunning pictures. In the photo, Jin is seen wearing a denim jacket and a pair of

After using this tool, I wonder where the data came from and where different correlations are made. For example, in mine, the one about BTS made more sense even though it’s a very specific category compared to pandas.

rathesungod- GPT2

My mom needs to do something about him. Everyone else seems to be handling it, but there’s just something about my mom. Nothing I do is ever good enough. No matter how hard I try or how sweet I am, she never seems to accept me or treat me like I’m good enough. If I’m good enough, she tells me, I don’t deserve her. You deserve better than me. So do my brothers. My brothers deserve better than me. I know my brothers deserve better than me. All the mean things I’ve done, how can I not deserve better than
Please, I really have to go to work in a minute, but, would you give me your phone number?” “Certainly. My phone number is 718 – 930 – 6400.” Molly scribbled it down in her book. “Thank you,” Emily said, and then hung up the phone. She looked up and realized that her stomach was churning. She was being way too melodramatic, but she wasn’t sure how to fix it. It was driving her crazy. There was a long line at the coffee shop.
What should I put in this ziploc bag? The first step is to take off all of the plastic bags. I usually take off the bags before I take the bag from the store. Cut away the plastic bag. If it is a regular sized bag, I usually put in the empty plastic bag that you get when you order Chinese food. I also have been known to put a bag of some sort in there. The key is to not do too much at one time. If I put in too many things at once, it becomes overwhelming and I have to dump it all out and start over.

minniebzrg-Talk to Transformer (GPT-2)

  1. So this morning I went to the gym and grabbed some lunch afterward with my friend but the weird thing is that I got to the gym and a man came in right when I did. I was the only person in the building so I thought, oh good, the gym is empty. So he walks in with me. He then turns to the locker I was about to use and asks if he can have the locker next to mine. I was stunned, but said sure. So we take our things in and I walk him to the other locker and then he gets in front of me. He’s about 50 but is muscular, and his head is a nice fit in his neck. I walk off to go lift weights and he follows me

2. My friend applied to Carnegie Mellon University and she got accepted. She wants to accept their offer but is worried about her future in the United States after Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America. Donald Trump’s politics and his derogatory statements against illegal immigrants has motivated her to move to Canada. She fears for the safety of her family because Donald Trump vowed to send all illegals to be deported. This is why she is scared to accept the offer from Carnegie Mellon University. My friend believes that if she were to accept the offer from a place like Carnegie Mellon.


I was surprised to read the second generated text because I realized that even machine learning could produce politically or racially biased text. I found it kind of funny because my friend recently moved to the States even though she is a U.S. citizen and people would see her as an immigrant. Right now, she is in Mongolia but is coming back to the U.S. to study. Although Trump is no longer the President, I thought this was pretty funny but biased.  The first prompt was pretty creepy, to be honest. I didn’t like how this tool could create a scenario like that. It makes me think that it could trigger people if they were testing it out. Overall, I wonder what kind of barriers these machine learning tools have.

shrugbread-Text to transformer

Tomorrow I have to clean up the breakfast mess in the kitchen, straighten out the guest room, do some laundry, and start getting everything organized for Christmas! I’m hoping to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow, too. (I know, my husband doesn’t know that yet.) It is really hard to shop for my husband since I have nothing in common with him anymore. (My own fault for not planning a VDay party or something – ugh.) All we do now is sit around and argue about politics. I can’t handle that every night.

There’s no way I’m gonna spend all that time on a Wii Fit, so I decided to make my own. In college, I used to surf eBay all the time looking for vintage books that I thought people were always searching for. (They’re typically hard to find because of one or two copies out there.) I figured it would be a good project for the former book blogger. My first idea was to cut out a foam core board from a spool of paper that a teacher would supply in the classroom. I thought that would be easy and cheap.

I have been drinking a lot of water so far. I even set up a water station at my desk today so I could have cold drinks when I needed them. If you have never had to work out with a sore throat, you are probably missing out on some of the best cold medicines ever. I was glad I had gotten a bottle of salt pills from the doctor. They were a lifesaver on Wednesday when I had the worst sore throat of my life. Instead of the gross gooey taste I had, I had delicious saltiness to make me feel better quickly.

bumble_b – GPT2

1. (I’m so sorry, I just thought this would be funny lol.) “Golan Levin’s horrible class is having its end-of-term exam tomorrow.


The class is trying to convince him that, given a choice, he would rather have his hands broken.

Meanwhile, between sessions, they’re all heading out to a bar called Izmir to meet up with the girls and gossip.

It’s amazing that he’s not going to be in mortal terror when he arrives.

How do these people keep so calm?

After all, they’re crammed into a tiny, stifling cellar with each other, listening to a philosophy teacher pontificate on the”

2. “I hope I die at 55.

I want to die at 55, die completely, die fighting, I want to die.

Then I heard again from this voice who first told me I would die soon.

He’s the one I called the voice that wrote me a love letter.

He said he wanted me to live, that I should live.

His point was that I can do anything I want to do and be anyone I want to be.

I believe him, but then I was made to feel guilty.

I went back to smoking cigarettes for 2 weeks and it was horrible.

I felt horrible.

I was depressed, sick.”

3. “There’s nothing left of him that I would want anyone else to see.

He died for me.

That is the only true thing that has to matter.

I’d rather be completely alone than have another one of these people in my life who allow themselves to be used by the enemy for vengeance.

I don’t have any expectations that people I call friends will join me in mourning or find me funny when I’m in tears.

That’s not how life works.

But what I do expect, and what I will always expect, is that when I need a friend, that person will”

Reflection: Okay, wow this was fun! The second and third ones I generated were so weirdly poetic and dark. I love that the generator was capable of going there. I thought the first one was really funny, though. When it generated the single-word sentence “Torture.” I seriously laughed out loud. All jokes, of course!!