Okay, so, my computer had issues making more than fifty percent of a whole image on pix2pix, but I had fun? I think, honestly, that it’s so great that I live in a time where I get to see a computer make a Nightmare Cat based on a few lines I drew. (nightmare cat is the first image, despite not looking like a cat)

gaomeilan – Pix2Pix

A heart with eyes, a stegosaurus, and the word “кошка” (cat in Russian). I think I’ve used this site before, and I find it really interesting that it tries to detect smaller circles and transform them into eyes.

shrugbread- Pix2Pix

I think pix2pix is fun but somewhat not serious. If the program was more heavy-duty and equipped with better brushes/bigger canvas it would be much more interesting, but I also recognize that browsers can’t handle huge programs with huge resolutions, so the simple and more or less instantaneous pix2pix works