bumble_b – UnityEssentials


Visualize a house project with Unity 2019

What you should know

Exercise files

1. Setting up the Unity Project

Installing Unity

Project set up overview

File management and project organization

2. Understanding the Unity Interface

Intro to the Unity user interface

Customizing the UI

Key navigating shortcuts in Unity

Unity documentation

Unity roadmap

3. Working with Assets

GameObjects and asset creation

The Asset Store and Package Manager

Guidelines for asset import

Importing assets into Unity

4. Applying Materials

Introduction to materials

Creating and organizing new materials

Material and texture properties

Advanced custom materials

5. Prefabs

What are prefabs?

Creating prefabs

Edit instances of the prefab

Prefab variants

6. Level Building

Introduction to ProBuilder

Exploration of ProBuilder tools

(At this point, my computer decided it couldn’t handle everything and decided to lose its mind, so I had to re-download everything onto an external drive, which meant that I had to relink the house in Unity. Unfortunately, that means I lost those book covers and maybe some other things, but I didn’t really have the time to go back and fix everything. But I did those steps in the tutorial before this happened, so it’s okay. Just a heads up for why things may look different from this point forward.)

Block the floor with ProBuilder

Props and scene assembly

7. Creating and Implementing Animation

Animation basics and editors in Unity

Animation controllers

Physics and rigid bodies

Create the first-person controller

8. Collisions

Unity collider components

Applying colliders

Optimizing collisions

9. Adding Audio

Introduction to audio in Unity

Adding ambient sound

The Unity Audio Mixer

10. Unity Lighting

Directional lighting

Point and spotlight

Area and emissive lighting

Finalize your lighting

Introduction to HDRP

Finalize HDRP for your scene

11. Baking Lighting

Introduction to light baking

Object and light parameters for baking

Texels exploration

Adding reflection probes

Lightmap results and settings

12. Particles and Shadergraph

Introduction to Visual Effect Graph

Creating the smoke effect, part 1

Creating the smoke effect, part 2

Creating the fire effect, part 1

Creating the fire effect, part 2

Intro to Shader Graph

13. Post-Processing

Installing the post-processing stack

Post-processing effects exploration

Other quality enhancements

14. Timeline: Creating Cinematics

Introduction to the Timeline Editor

Animating with the timeline

Add camera moves

Improving the animations

15. Introduction to Scripting

Introduction to C# programming

Writing the code

Implementing the script

16. Packaging Your Unity Project

Create a movie

Packaging your scene


Next steps

bumble_b – PhazeroVideo

Right in the first 5 minutes (4:54 is the exact time she talks about this), Phazero said something that REALLY resonated with me. They said that, when it came to making video games, they didn’t have to worry about receiving grants for materials or securing gallery space to make something happen… the only thing standing in her way was the time she had to learn the software and implement it in her art… that’s it! That’s the freeing experience I’ve felt since declaring. I no longer have to go hunting for physical materials (and the money to pay for them) for an art project or laying out my paper and my drafting tools. The digital space is so limitless in comparison, and there’s a much larger focus on just becoming more familiar with software you want to use. It’s so much more fitting for me, and I never realized that was why until they said it!

I just really love Phazero’s style (the collage-y feel of “Breathe” was my favorite), and this video was super helpful in giving me inspiration since I have been pretty stuck on what I want my “Walkable Environment” to be.

bumble_b – ImageProcessor

I decided to use RunwayML’s green screen effect to pick out one person in a video and retain their color against a black/white version of that video. I chose a cute scene from Friends (my favorite show ever), and I keyed out Rachel using their green screen feature.

So, I tried to get it perfect, and when I thought it was perfect, I exported it. Unfortunately, once I clicked export it looks like it got rid of all the work I did? Maybe I don’t know the website well enough, but I couldn’t find any saved file or anything. When I went and rewatched the video, I noticed there were some parts I would’ve really liked to tweak, but I wasn’t willing to go and do everything all over again because I was definitely approaching the 2 hour time cap.

Anyway, I took the now green-screened video into Premiere, Ultra Key’d the green screen out and layered it on top of the same video that I added that black/white effect on,

and this is the result:

bumble_b – SituatedEye

The door to my room doesn’t close, which created a unique problem once our puppy Chloe realized slamming her head into my door would open it and she could enter even though she knows she’s not allowed to.

So, I decided my model would warn me every time Chloe came into my room. I taught it that the door being closed, the door being open, and me and my roommates coming in and out were okay (class labeled “No intruder”), and then I taught it that Chloe coming in was not okay (class labeled “INTRUDER”).

Training behind-the-scenes:

Then, I went into p5.js with my model, and made it so that whenever the video was classified as “INTRUDER” it would play an alarm:

(Disclaimer: I don’t even know if this code makes any sense; I just kept adjusting the lines until it worked because I ran into a lot of weird glitches with other variations.)

So, I present to you all: the cutest burglar you have ever seen:

Here is the gif, though sound is obviously an important aspect of my project:

bumble_b – GPT2

1. (I’m so sorry, I just thought this would be funny lol.) “Golan Levin’s horrible class is having its end-of-term exam tomorrow.


The class is trying to convince him that, given a choice, he would rather have his hands broken.

Meanwhile, between sessions, they’re all heading out to a bar called Izmir to meet up with the girls and gossip.

It’s amazing that he’s not going to be in mortal terror when he arrives.

How do these people keep so calm?

After all, they’re crammed into a tiny, stifling cellar with each other, listening to a philosophy teacher pontificate on the”

2. “I hope I die at 55.

I want to die at 55, die completely, die fighting, I want to die.

Then I heard again from this voice who first told me I would die soon.

He’s the one I called the voice that wrote me a love letter.

He said he wanted me to live, that I should live.

His point was that I can do anything I want to do and be anyone I want to be.

I believe him, but then I was made to feel guilty.

I went back to smoking cigarettes for 2 weeks and it was horrible.

I felt horrible.

I was depressed, sick.”

3. “There’s nothing left of him that I would want anyone else to see.

He died for me.

That is the only true thing that has to matter.

I’d rather be completely alone than have another one of these people in my life who allow themselves to be used by the enemy for vengeance.

I don’t have any expectations that people I call friends will join me in mourning or find me funny when I’m in tears.

That’s not how life works.

But what I do expect, and what I will always expect, is that when I need a friend, that person will”

Reflection: Okay, wow this was fun! The second and third ones I generated were so weirdly poetic and dark. I love that the generator was capable of going there. I thought the first one was really funny, though. When it generated the single-word sentence “Torture.” I seriously laughed out loud. All jokes, of course!!


bumble_b – DeepNostalgia

Firstly, I thought this was incredibly uncomfortable and creepy – straight out of uncanny valley for me.

I used a photo of myself first and thought it did a pretty decent job, creepiness aside. It grabbed a little bit of hair from the person next to me, but overall, it looks kind of cool.

After that, I tried doing some characters from animated movies because of the examples we saw in class about animating artwork. I figured if it worked on art, it would work on a cartoon… but I was very wrong. It wouldn’t detect a face.

So, I decided to use one of my favorite photos of Monica Geller, my favorite character from my favorite TV show! These are the results… again, weird and creepy.

bumble_b – ArtBreeder

I’m not gonna lie, I had kind of a hard time understanding how in the world to use this, so I spent a lot more than the allotted time trying to figure it all out, but I have a bunch of random stuff to show for it.

Messing with prayer rugs, churches, and comic books was soooo cool to me, so these are definitely my favorite images:

bumble_b – 08-LookingOutwards

I had such a hard time narrowing down which project I wanted to talk about! I had so many tabs open that they were all too small to even read the first letter of the tab! But after a very difficult March Madness bracket, the one that stuck out most to me was Simpsons vs. Family Guy by Parag K. Mital.

Basically, he created a database of segmented frames from the Family Guy intro and then created a video resynthesis of the Simpsons intro using only images from that Family Guy database. It resulted in this beautifully chaotic mosaic of the Simpsons intro, and his side-by-side shows it beautifully:

Simpsons vs. Family Guy from Parag K Mital on Vimeo.

Being a huge fan of adult cartoons my whole life (you remember my Family Guy option on the TV of my Bitsy game?), this was so striking to me. I could pick out parts of Family Guy characters’ faces repurposed as Simpsons objects, and it was sooooo cool.

I find this seriously cool and inspiring, and now all I want to do is make my own version of this!!

bumble_b – FaceReadings

In Nabil Hassein’s article “Against Black Inclusion in Facial Recognition”,  they make this really interesting point: “This analysis clearly contradicts advocacy of ‘diversity and inclusion’ as the universal or even typical response to bias. Among the political class, ‘Black faces in high places’ have utterly failed to produce gains for the Black masses.” I think it’s really fascinating and sad that people have to look at a concept that statistically excludes a minority and say “Please keep it that way” because their inclusion would only be used as a deadly weapon against them… it just shows that anti-racism is way more complex of a system than “just make sure everyone is included and equal!”

Also, I really liked this slide in Joy Buolamwini’s talk:

I think this is a really simple and powerful message. Yes, who is in the room when decisions are being made is essential for any company/organization to think about. How people make things and why they’re making them are also very important considerations. I’d go as far as to say that even if your “why am I making this?” is positively impactful, you need to consider how your code could be used if it got into the wrong hands, too.

Also, really quickly, the SkyNet thing in Last Week Tonight felt straight out of a dystopian movie. I mean, seriously? It made me laugh out loud in the most terrified/uncomfortable way.