I’m really interested in this piece by David Whyte because he is using  dots to indicate form and movement. It seems that this process is so minimalist and obvious, but it creates such an illusion to the viewer and I really like the 3D aspect of the balls in the middle.


Looking at Bees and Bombs, my first thought is, “How dare this motherfucker have intuitive understanding of the way shapes transform and interact with one another?! It’s too beautiful!”

Now, onto Cindy Suen’s work! This is the cutest stuff I’ve ever seen, and I love it so much. Like, I was legitimately Big Sad a minute ago but seeing this amazing cat brought me intense joy, if only for one moment. And it’s the .gif that keeps on giving, because I get to see it over and over again!

Going forward with Andreas Wannerstedt, I was like, “oh, it’s this dude!” because I’m ninety percent certain I’ve seen his stuff before somewhere on my social media feed. I hate the fact that everything is rendered so realistically, because it makes the fact that I cannot live in this world where everything aligns perfectly every time no matter how out of synch it looks just even more devastating.

Monday – LoopResearch

I really love the combination between 2D and 3D visuals here, and I’m also curious about how they achieved a seamless loop with the forest path.

I’m familiar with Wannerstedt’s work since it became popular through Instagram and I was always very in awe of the imagination it took to make these strange contraptions.

This piece is so confusing to look at, I have no idea how it’s structured!! The objects in the grid constantly disappear and reform and its very visually confusing.



Bees and Bombs

#gif from Bees & Bombs

I really like this particular looping design that David Whyte created because it reminds me of Mongolian patterns. I included a reference image below of a pattern that is pretty common or familiar to me. The interesting thing about this is that not all lines or loops are going at the same speed. The image still loops, however, which is super confusing but intriguing at the same time. I like that in only several instances you can see the pattern so it is never complete.

Mongolian Traditional Ornaments on Behance












Cindy Suen

Cindy Suen created a looping animation based on the song ‘Team’ by Lorde for a performance on The Voice. The production company stated that they were trying this new visual approach’, for the show. This shows how music can be incorporated into the art. While music is an art form itself, I like how Cindy Suen puts another medium of artistry through generating gifs.

Andreas Wannerstedt

Apart from the creative and practical concept of this, I was mindblown at the effortless looping of this specific piece. There is so much ingenuity from the creator because there are so many pieces moving around that it keeps your focus on different parts of the video and entertained for a while.



This loop almost reminds me of one of those Rube Goldberg machines with how each thing feeds into one other. I think the movement is really successful in this loop, the bounciness really adds to the cuteness factor.


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I was really interested in this piece because of how well Dave Whyte used the negative space. I have done a bit of this but seeing his work was really inspiring for how I can use it in the future.

I was so drawn to the oddly satisfying series because anything that involves satisfying textures is my thing. These slices remind me a bit of what slices of a human body look like, it’s so cool and looks like a real-life video. Andreas’s work is by far my favorite!

rathesungod – LoopResearch


I love how fluid the cube becomes after a slight second of stillness. It creates different forms with lines to have an optical illusion pleasing to my eyes.


It’s sort of like cuteness overload in the best way. It makes me feel overwhelmed in the best way.


This gif is so clean and flawless that it makes me wonder if this was actually animated. Also the sound effects play a really big role in this.

bumble_b – LoopResearch


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This loop from Bees and Bombs really struck me because of how red and blue squares form for a few seconds and really stand out  in the rotation.


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This one also really stuck out to me because the small squares form into bigger squares that turn out to actually be those very small squares when zoomed out and looped! It hurt my brain; I loved it.

I really like this gif from Cindy Suen because of the importance of the pizzas in creating the loop. The text itself has a very definitive start and end (when it leaves the screen), but since the pizzas continue to rotate, it looks like it goes on forever.

This next video from Andreas Wannerstedt was one out of a great set called Oddly Satisfying Vol. 6. I couldn’t choose which I liked best out of all of them, but I think the plunking noise and the unexpected softness of the planks really drew me to this one.

YoungLee – LoopsResearch

Subway GIF – Cindy Suen

Cindy Suen’s Subway GIF was most interesting to me because the sandwich that is being chopped seems like an infinitely long sandwich instead of a video that is just looped over and over again.

Google CES Diorama – Andreas Wannerstedt

Watching animated cityscapes is one of my favorite things. The moving train, cars, signs, etc. is so fascinating to me because it feels like worldbuilding. I also like his style of highly rendering all the objects in his artworks.

Bees and Bombs (David Whyte)

Even though the GIF is composed of shapes and lines, it is still interesting/hypnotizing to look at and feels like an animation.


Cindy Suen

This image is a great example of dynamic motion and morphing. The image is chaotic and has so much going on that its looping nature is hard to notice.


David Whyte

I am most interested in this piece because of its visual simplicity when compared to the rest of his body of work. Yet the change being made is super noticeable.

Andreas Wannerstedt

I like this mainly for the materiality and what it shares with reality while being so distant from reality.



As always, WordPress refuses to reveal how I embed. Here is the link to the project from David Whyte that interests me:

This interested me because the swirling patterns reminded me of celtic knots, and the movement across the composition provided a similarly smooth transition between shapes and form.

For Cindy Suen, this piece caught my eye:

The colors of the background are limited, which lets the kitty really pop with its brightness-this to me, helps the loop function in a visually appealing way.

Each iteration of “colorful sphere moves through rugged/precarious terrain” in this Andreas Wannerstedt piece really caught my eye, I’m a sucker for natural scenery and these looped very smoothly.