fr0g.fartz-Restrictions of Comfort

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TW: anxiety

This project is about having anxiety. One experience with anxiety that I have that has felt very real for me is the debate of whether I should stay in bed or not. I feel safe in my bed and in my room, more than anywhere else. This is because I know that very few dangerous things could happen to me in my room. However, this idea turns ugly when the thoughts start to force me to stay in bed and feel very afraid of the possibility of going out into the world. It is hard to explain the logic behind these thoughts, as they are irrational.

My project is not totally a “game,” because the viewer is trapped in the bed. I wanted to create a visual for what it feels like for me to not be able to leave my room, almost as if the room is convincing me to stay in it. The pillow-covered knit walls give a sense of security and delight, like the posters in my own bedroom. However, the wires on the bedroom floor prevent the viewer from stepping anywhere besides the bed. The bed is small and centred in the middle of the room, adding to a feeling of dissociation. The wired roof allows for the anxious viewer to look outside, without actually being outside, a common safety hazard prevention for me. The variation in the darkness of the neutral colors also adds to a conflicting feeling. The bed and pillows are light, indicating happiness, however, there are dark shadows behind them.

The intention of this project was for me to embrace this feeling of anxiety, by making it into art, or something visual. When anxiety can be brought outside of the head and into physicality, it can be seen for what it is. Making and sharing this project has provided consolation for me.


I appreciate that she has such an intimate message in each of her pieces. I really love how she focuses on connecting with others in a very specific way, rather than just making art that is cathardic.


So, I’ve been having some trouble with roommates being really loud when I’m trying to sleep. Therefore, I made a program that would alert them if they are being loud, so that I don’t have to repeatedly come out of my room and let them know. Thank you technology!

Here is the video!

Here is my code!


I made a project of me trying to ollie on a skateboard, but put it in outer space! I couldn’t find an option to input my own video, I think you had to pay. It’s fun because I’m actually doing the ollie on grass (much easier, I’ve never attempted it on concrete), but you can’t tell that from the video! It’s crazy how easy this technology is to use. Although it’s less precise than things you could get with Photoshop, it does a pretty great job at detecting which parts you want to stay in the image. I was happy with the result of my project and I will likely use this tool again!


Although I like these generative images, I think the aspect of this site that is about creating people is a little scary and problematic. I clicked on someone to edit and I clicked the largest spectrum of female and it was super distorted, but in between male and female was pretty feminine. The most male option was just a normal male.

fr0g.fartz-facereadings seems super sketchy and it’s scary how big their database is. It’s scary that a guy that seems like a douchebag is the only one that’s choosing who to control this technology. Where is government regulation when it’s reported that he is allowing stores like Walmart to access it? It seems like anybody with money can access Clearview.

It’s also crazy how much race has to do with facial recognition, and I really admire Joy Buolamwini for educating others. However, I am wondering how the fuck there are 1.6 thousand dislikes on her video compared 2.6 thousand likes. I don’t understand what could compel somebody to dislike this video.


I think this project is super cool. I’m very interested in how it explores objects that contain human-ness to them. The object they use in this piece is a bed sheet and I paint a lot of bed sheets in my art, and have always enjoyed painting beds because they have such an intimate quality about them, so this is inspiring and relatable. He used his body movements to make movements in the bed sheet which is super interesting, because it is delving into how humans affect the objects around us, and therefore, the objects become more human-like.