Although I like these generative images, I think the aspect of this site that is about creating people is a little scary and problematic. I clicked on someone to edit and I clicked the largest spectrum of female and it was super distorted, but in between male and female was pretty feminine. The most male option was just a normal male.

Monday – ArtBreeder

I was really amazed at what Artbreeder can do! I had only heard about it before because a lot of people were using the face models to create characters, but there’s so many possibilities. I was really interested in the types of character designs i could make with it.

bumble_b – ArtBreeder

I’m not gonna lie, I had kind of a hard time understanding how in the world to use this, so I spent a lot more than the allotted time trying to figure it all out, but I have a bunch of random stuff to show for it.

Messing with prayer rugs, churches, and comic books was soooo cool to me, so these are definitely my favorite images: