04-19 ML Part 3


“Can’t believe the store was just throwing this out.” (Image: @advadnoun)

Some Viewings

Three artist/designers whose work involves establishing provocative encounters between people and AI algorithms.

Emily Xie, Mona Lisa Effect (2020; live site):

Nicole He

Enhance.Computer (2018), speech-driven game.

Hello Detective CYB3R,
You have logged in to ENHANCE.COMPUTER, the world's most advanced image-enhancement software. Our crime-predicting AI has detected that someone is about to commit an offense against the law. The only way to stop it is to find a secret 4-letter code hidden in a photograph of the scene. Use ENHANCE.COMPUTER by speaking out loud with your voice. You can give verbal commands such as "MOVE UP", or "ZOOM IN", or "LET'S ENHANCE". When you find the secret code, you must announce, "THE CODE IS ____" before time runs out. Our national security is at risk, and only you can save us.

Billie Eilish Gets Interviewed By A Robot (2020). “Billie Eilish answers questions I generated by fine-tuning a neural network, and reacts to the AI’s attempts at Billie Eilish-esque lyrics.” For Vogue.

A-I-A-I/0 (2019). A racing game where players train machine learning models by making oinks and moos.

Lauren Lee McCarthy:

Lauren Lee McCarthy, Social Turkers (2013)

Lauren Lee McCarthy & Kyle McDonald, us+ (2014)

us+ is a Google Hangout video chat app that uses audio, facial expression, and linguistic analysis to optimize conversations based on the Linguistic Inquiry Word Count (LIWC) database, and the concept of Linguistic Style Matching (LSM). The app displays a visualization, provides pop up notifications to each participant, and takes actions (like auto-muting) when the conversation gets out of balance.

Lauren Lee McCarthy, LAUREN (2019)

I attempt to become a human version of Amazon Alexa, a smart home intelligence for people in their own homes. The performance lasts up to a week. It begins with an installation of a series of custom designed networked smart devices (including cameras, microphones, switches, door locks, faucets, and other electronic devices). I then remotely watch over the person 24/7 and control all aspects of their home. I aim to be better than an AI because I can understand them as a person and anticipate their needs. The relationship that emerges falls in the ambiguous space between human-machine and human-human.

Some previous Teachable Machine projects in 60210/212:

Mask evaluator; rock-paper-scissors; Tarot Card reading generator.

Work Session

Chimera Painter