For the Valentine’s heart I first tried making it out of bezierVertices, going for a smooth finish. This proved problematic as I couldn’t figure out a way to get it to unify without some gnarly errors (like chunky lines dividing the heart in halfsies). Given this, I decided to put my all into designing a perfectly lovely and equally appealing (in my opinion) polygonal heart!

Attempt no.2 (well, 3. Second attempt was accidentally erased.)

After making this base, I looked up how to put in randomized text in the reference albums and implemented that in my code, as well as copy-pasted and adjusted my base heart to be different sizes/locations/colors. I referenced a lot of sweet heart candies for these.

After this I replaced the template section of code in the offered generator with my valentine’s code, and made these!

Examples of my Valentine Generator’s Output:

In regards to the Multitudes of Oats Problem, I think I partially got away from it. I’ve run into an issue with this where I don’t think I have enough words (some frames would repeat multiple times) , but this is all I could think of without just putting in random things that were irrelevant to the project. The combinations of the hearts’ locations ended up as some interesting compositions which I enjoy greatly! All in all, I think there could be more varied combinations with the words, but I’m happy with this for my first foray into randomization. I think I can push it further.