bumble_b – PhazeroVideo

Right in the first 5 minutes (4:54 is the exact time she talks about this), Phazero said something that REALLY resonated with me. They said that, when it came to making video games, they didn’t have to worry about receiving grants for materials or securing gallery space to make something happen… the only thing standing in her way was the time she had to learn the software and implement it in her art… that’s it! That’s the freeing experience I’ve felt since declaring. I no longer have to go hunting for physical materials (and the money to pay for them) for an art project or laying out my paper and my drafting tools. The digital space is so limitless in comparison, and there’s a much larger focus on just becoming more familiar with software you want to use. It’s so much more fitting for me, and I never realized that was why until they said it!

I just really love Phazero’s style (the collage-y feel of “Breathe” was my favorite), and this video was super helpful in giving me inspiration since I have been pretty stuck on what I want my “Walkable Environment” to be.