Responses to First Questionnaire

How are you?


Tell me about your experiences writing code.

I’ve written my first code last semester while working in Unity (C#) and have tried to learn the basics of programming (esp Python) on Youtube. It seems very complicated, and I wouldn’t want to pursue a future in it. However, I am willing to learn more!
I had the barest minimum of python, html, and java in freshman year of highschool, I have forgotten all of it, and my school honestly just gave us the answer to all of the problems we were asked to solve with the code. I have pretty much zero coding knowledge since it’s been so long. I’m pretty indifferent to coding, but I’m sure that will change once I get more into it.
I have done minimal to zero coding, and I’m terrified of it! I respect it though—I have similar feelings towards coding as I do alligators and other large predators.
HTML/CSS/Python/p5jS and I felt… no bueno, but it’s been maaaaaybe getting a liiiiitle better over the years?
I’ve tried with some pretty meh teachers in middle school and did a not-so-great job… I’ve always wanted to try again though, in a proper setting.
I am nervous because I don’t feel as computer-y as the other people at CMU. I don’t have experience with code.
I’ve had a little bit of writing computer code back in high school but I don’t think I was very confident in it. I remember setting up a new website for a portfolio in an art program?
I don’t have much experience writing code. Most of what I’ve learned was block code (Scratch, Alice, EDGAR, some Lego stuff). I also understand HTML and CSS, but I’m not very good at writing it myself.
I have no experience but I understand the concept of it. I feel motivated to learn it but also kinda lazy about it.
My only coding experience so far has been taking 15-112 last semester
I have been coding (off and on – right now I’m definitely rusty) since I’ve been in about 7th/8th grade. I was in a girls who code chapter for many years, took AP CS at my high school and did a coding internship at a company my junior year. Despite all of this, I still don’t feel like I’m all that good at it? It just doesn’t come as natural as art does for me. But I hope to get to the point where it does feel natural!
I have no experience but I look forward to learning it in the future


Do you have any questions or concerns about this class?

About how much time will we dedicate toward this class every week?
None at the moment apart from my coding fears, but I’ll be sure to ask if any come up. Have a great weekend, I can’t wait to meet you!
I’m a little scared of computer code in general and I’m worried I’ll fall behind or be confused.
Will we be mostly doing digital work, a mix of physical and digital, or something else I didn’t mention? Will we receive a kit for this class like some of us received for our fall semester classes?
I am just a bit worried about my computer (since it is a mac) being able to handle certain things on top of my intro to animation class… but that’s about it. I am so, so excited for this class – this is the type of art I hope to be doing in the future!
Will we be working most digitally, physically, or a mix of both? Will we receive a kit for this class? Thanks!