Looking at Bees and Bombs, my first thought is, “How dare this motherfucker have intuitive understanding of the way shapes transform and interact with one another?! It’s too beautiful!”

Now, onto Cindy Suen’s work! This is the cutest stuff I’ve ever seen, and I love it so much. Like, I was legitimately Big Sad a minute ago but seeing this amazing cat brought me intense joy, if only for one moment. And it’s the .gif that keeps on giving, because I get to see it over and over again!

Going forward with Andreas Wannerstedt, I was like, “oh, it’s this dude!” because I’m ninety percent certain I’ve seen his stuff before somewhere on my social media feed. I hate the fact that everything is rendered so realistically, because it makes the fact that I cannot live in this world where everything aligns perfectly every time no matter how out of synch it looks just even more devastating.