After reading Tyler Hobbs’s Color in Generative Art, I was super inspired to try out some of the things he talks about. I took the idea of a gradient but applied it a bit differently. Instead of doing a color gradient, I did a size gradient. I think above all however, I was the most inspired by all the other blog posts on the side of the site. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole and read about a third of all of his posts… After really loving all of the sketches from the flow fields blog post I decided to look into it myself to see if I could use that for my wallpaper and went down an even deeper rabbit hole and watched the entire perlin noise series on The Coding Train youtube. I talked with Golan and decided not to go down this route for my wallpaper, but I am still super happy I learned about all of these things and I’m very excited to experiment with them in the future (especially flow fields – I feel like I always resonate with flowy, more abstract visuals).