bumble_b – Valentine


I really wanted to create a color palette and make all of my hearts, the text, and the background generate different pinks, reds, and purples each time. This was definitely one of the most ambitious parts of the process because my first few attempts made it clear that repeating colors (especially a heart against the same color background) were really ugly. So, I had to create a code that would dump a color from the array every time it was used (picking out the colors for the array was a blast, by the way). That way, as it generated the fill of each shape, it would only use an unused color from the palette!!! This was super fun, and learning what each little thing meant (like i < # and i++) blew my mind.

I also really wanted to create a static image each time I pressed play rather than have it cycle new random things super quickly, which I needed to learn about and implement global variables to do.

As for the “10,000 Bowls of Oatmeal Problem,” I think I really understand the “boring” part now because though I find my color combinations to be super fun each time, the text is really repetitive and makes each output feel a little less special. If I had more time and wanted to make this a full blown generative project, I would definitely put way more phrases into my array to make each output feel unique and important, because though the colors may have been fun and different every time, the eye goes to the words and the words did not hold my attention long.