bumble_b – SituatedEye

The door to my room doesn’t close, which created a unique problem once our puppy Chloe realized slamming her head into my door would open it and she could enter even though she knows she’s not allowed to.

So, I decided my model would warn me every time Chloe came into my room. I taught it that the door being closed, the door being open, and me and my roommates coming in and out were okay (class labeled “No intruder”), and then I taught it that Chloe coming in was not okay (class labeled “INTRUDER”).

Training behind-the-scenes:

Then, I went into p5.js with my model, and made it so that whenever the video was classified as “INTRUDER” it would play an alarm:

(Disclaimer: I don’t even know if this code makes any sense; I just kept adjusting the lines until it worked because I ran into a lot of weird glitches with other variations.)

So, I present to you all: the cutest burglar you have ever seen:

Here is the gif, though sound is obviously an important aspect of my project: