Here is my project.

My Sketch:



This project helps people get through the end of relationships, or reflect on relationships that have ended. It is also an instructional drawing. One can reflect and watch a conceptual version of their relationship by watching a line move on a screen, changing color, which will hopefully invoke an emotional response.

Relationship Tracker

  • Choose a Relationship in Your Life that you care, or cared about deeply. The goal of this process is to reflect on parts of the relationship that were hard for you, to remind yourself that you care about what you went through. Relationships allow us to learn more about ourselves, and they can oftentimes hold genuine memories of connection. Many older people say that they wish they had spent more time with friends. If you do not want to choose a relationship, you can choose the one with yourself.
  • Choose a Category to Track Relationship (depending on how long the relationship is, or how long the time of the relationship you want to focus on is). 
    • By every 10 years, year, month, week, day
    • (You can also choose days if you want to highlight specific days, rather than going with evenly spaced out time periods)
  • Now, based on which time you chose, you will have four of each of those.
    • For instance, if you chose every 10 years, you would have 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010. If you chose days, you could have Jan 8, Feb 2, June 3, March 5.
    • Input the dates into where it says “date 1, date 2, date 3, date 4”.
  • Now, make an excel spreadsheet, or a handwritten table with the four dates on the top horizontal column, like so. You are going to rank your happiness on a scale of one to ten, and put it into percentages.
date: Jan 8 Feb 2 June 3 March 5
happiness: 10% 50% 70% 20%
  • Now, list the following colors in order of your favorite to least favorite. Don’t think too hard, just do it.
    • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. 
    • From 0-60%, the colors will show up as “dark”. From 70-100%, the colors will show up as light.

I feel like I succeeded in the idea of the project, it meant something to me and I think that I channeled those feelings in order to execute the idea. I think the most obvious shortcoming is that the piece is not on an actual website, which I would like to have more activities than just this one, and it is not yet interactive.