File “Monster”





First I started by sketching out my idea on paper with coordinates, functions I needed, and footnotes about the concept. This was the most important part for me to begin. Then I created the background of the desktop first. The concept is of a “file monster” that would eat the files. So I created a function of a file that appears whenever you click on the screen. I had trouble with the background color being in setup and when I created the waves using noise, I ended up making a big mistake. With Golan’s help, I fixed the issue and the waves work perfectly. Then I inquired of Connie’s help to draw the starfish according to the points on the hand. I was able to tweak with it more and create the final fish. I added some seashells as well that is attached to the waves. I would have liked to add a function for the files to disappear when the fish touches it, but I didn’t get to that.