(I read the article.)

What stuck out to me while reading was the passage on how repetition functions in music, and how that relates to gifs. I’m a musician so I’ve grown to be aware of how repetition functions within composing, within listening and engaging with music, et cetera–but here, that same sort of logic is presented as a tenet of gif design/usage. As she noted, there is tremendous learning capability from having an infinite loop there to 1) show information (Visuals helping mental organization) 2) show the order that tasks should/can be completed in 3) provide this information in a fun and accessible way. It’s a brilliant tool that helps our silly brains.

(And as a small additional note, the section regarding Diana Deutsche’s research into vocal tonality and how repetition can transform how we hear something was very cool. It reminds me also of Charles Cornell’s meme arrangements. Here is one of my favorites: