Creature Name: Thing of the Mists
Species: Unknown, colloquially known as Walkers

After seeing how sort of janky the handsfree library can get, I really wanted to create something creepy that could, feasibly, “glitch” out of its own reality. This creature is built off Connie’s base example, so thank you Connie! And Golan taught me how to layer the mists. The background is made using a vertex based shape at the bottom for the rocks, and random noise in the background for the far mountains. I think in the future I’d want to smooth things out, maybe make the shapes more elegant? I believe this could add some more character to a new creature. For this though, I’m sorta glad it looks a little weird and janky. It lives at the bounds of our reality, why should it be bound by something like visual continuity?


thing of the mists01 thing of the mists02