rathesungod- NFT Immersion

“Black on White Möbius IFS IV”

Made by Johan Karlsson, his page 

“Falling Upwards into the Giants”

Made by Black Sneakers, their page


“Cells 1.0”

Made by Noah, his page

“Haze aesthetics #63”

Made by NEURAL HAZE, Neural vaporwave NFTz aesthetics.

After browsing many of the NFTs on several different sites, I’ve come to see so many variations of digital and physical art made within the community. Out of the hundreds I viewed, these four caught my eye with their movement, color, tone, etc. Two of the NFTS were found on Hic et Nunc, and the other two were found on SuperRare and Foundation.

Within many of the amazing artists within the NFT community, I’ve come to see how several artists present their work to the public and how their style carries throughout their work. But also I’ve realized how impersonal some of the work is on these websites. Since they are mostly based on aesthetics and graphics, I’ve found really beautiful visuals but with little to no meaning? However, on #BlackNFTMonth, I did find a lot of purposeful art that represented very powerful symbolism and imagery.

Out of the websites that I viewed, I felt that Hic et Nunc had the most art variation and style complex. It also had a lot more of abstract art that I could read more into than just solely aesthetic art. But I did enjoy both SuperRare and Foundation. It was super fun to browse around and see the extent of how art can be distributed and seen to millions across the world. As for every artist, I never really seemed to remember certain names, but it does seem like the farther you go down and scroll, the more variation you see within the pieces. I’ve also noticed how different and similar a lot of the art pieces can be compared to each other. Styles such as geometric shapes, animation and cartoon with people, and just unique visual stances, a lot of the pieces were jumbled on top of each other, making it harder to focus on one. Overall, I had a really fun time scrolling on these websites and finding some really cool art.