rathesungod- NFTReading

When we were first introduced to the topic of crypto art and NFT’s, I was amazed by how many artists were on the platform and variations of art are being produced every day. I was really interested how the system worked and the benefits as well as the disadvantages the world of crypto art had. After reading the following readings explaining the process of crypto art and how negative the ecological and environmental factors play into it.

The platform itself seems like a really great community for small artists as well as for people of color who have a smaller voice to put out their art to the public and make a name for themselves. It removes a lot of the negative factors that top tier art galleries have against smaller artists such as racism, sexism, etc. After viewing many of the NFT sites myself, it is almost overwhelming seeing the amount of art pieces within only one type of platform. Behind these websites, I would never expect how negative the impacts are in this kind of art processing, which really shows how many people are not informed on impact this has on several different issues.

Personally, I don’t know if I would necessarily take part in the NFT phenomenon. I feel that I don’t know enough yet to actually purchase or sell art on that platform as well as the guilt built up after reading the articles on how bad this art world affects the environment and community. But also, the NFT community seems like such an effective way for small artists like myself to really put their work out there in hopes of someone finding it and enjoying it. However, I definitely don’t know how others can do this so often without realizing the cynical and horrible effects of crypto art.