My Sketch

In this project I wanted to experiment with interactions based on camera input. I used the set up and code from handsfree.js for the tracking of the hardpoints and used vectors to add gravity to the spiders as well as to add bounce/springiness to  the springs connecting to the spiders. This project taught me a lot of new tools though. I used an array to remember  the updated position of the spiders, as well as a classes so when I wanted to create a new spider all I had to do was ask for one to be drawn at a designated anchor point in one line of code. I ran into many many walls with the details of this, specifically with understanding how classes worked and the idea of calling the spider an “object”.  Right now the spiders can only connect to one hand at a time, and I transfer “ownership” of spiders between hands by shaking one hand so that the tracking points disappear and the spiders automatically link themselves to the most recently drawn set of hand points.