shrugbread- Dream

My game is loosely based around a dream I had where I wandered onto the streets of pairs at night not being able to read or speak french. I wander into a cafe where a man sits who is me, aged up around 25 years and dressed very nicely. They claim to only have remembered existing once I walked in the cafe, and give me cryptic “advice” before telling me that I should probably get a move on and wake up. I wind up opening a trap door that leads me on for miles where I find a monster taking up the entirety of the cave made of white noise. The monster claims to have been the one that brought me to this world, and that I probably didn’t understand whatever type of message that they were trying to teach me. I wake up from there.
I found bitsy very easy to work within the default tools. I was able to construct the rooms and characters pretty easily and intuitively. I struggled however with the added functionality I wanted to add. I had this original idea for branching dialogue pathways, but after asking the bitsy discord I was told that I needed to do several steps that required I know a little bit of javascript in order to execute. I opted for a uni-track story that gave the same vague dialogue that I wanted with the original multi-track story. I did end up getting the transparent sprites to hack to work though, which for some tiles helps with the visual look of the game rather than the character just taking up the entire block. In the page I also added some royalty-free music that i ended up making very quiet and subtle so as not to distract from the game.

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