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Tomorrow I have to clean up the breakfast mess in the kitchen, straighten out the guest room, do some laundry, and start getting everything organized for Christmas! I’m hoping to finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow, too. (I know, my husband doesn’t know that yet.) It is really hard to shop for my husband since I have nothing in common with him anymore. (My own fault for not planning a VDay party or something – ugh.) All we do now is sit around and argue about politics. I can’t handle that every night.

There’s no way I’m gonna spend all that time on a Wii Fit, so I decided to make my own. In college, I used to surf eBay all the time looking for vintage books that I thought people were always searching for. (They’re typically hard to find because of one or two copies out there.) I figured it would be a good project for the former book blogger. My first idea was to cut out a foam core board from a spool of paper that a teacher would supply in the classroom. I thought that would be easy and cheap.

I have been drinking a lot of water so far. I even set up a water station at my desk today so I could have cold drinks when I needed them. If you have never had to work out with a sore throat, you are probably missing out on some of the best cold medicines ever. I was glad I had gotten a bottle of salt pills from the doctor. They were a lifesaver on Wednesday when I had the worst sore throat of my life. Instead of the gross gooey taste I had, I had delicious saltiness to make me feel better quickly.