So even though it wasn’t required for us to do something animated, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to try it out. I really liked the idea of making a beating heart, but with how complex my heart was, it was really a challenge. I probably spent way more time than I should’ve to make the pulsing function and it still wasn’t quite there, so I asked Connie for some assistance and she showed me a wayyy more efficient way of doing it.  She also helped me with figuring out how to make the individual hearts beat within my for-loops instead of all of them beating in one unit. I was originally going to leave all of the text static, but I thought it would be more eye-catching for the “Happy Valentines Day” to pop. To do this, I added the same scaling factor I used for the hearts onto textSize().  I also randomly generated a unique shade of pink for each card (using hex values) and a randomly generated name from an array.

In examining my project in regards to the “10,000 Bowls of Oatmeal Problem,” I think I definitely could’ve done more to make each card more unique. I did spend most of my time figuring out the functionality behind my card, and I think I may have neglected some of the design aspects, mainly in making each one really different from one another. Other than the background color changing to a different shade of pink and the name, there wasn’t a whole lot of change from card to card. Originally I wanted to stay within the valentines day color range, but looking back now, I think it would’ve been more fun to use colors from out of this range as well. Then, I could’ve had more options to make each one really differentiated. I did want to stick with the more simplistic message so the hearts would really pop, so in that area, I think it was okay that it didn’t change.