above is my (very subtle) looping .gif, illustrating both an updated version of my response to the combinatoric exercise at the start of the semester and my current mood. My p5 sketch is here.

You can see the sketches from my combinatoric exercise below:

Idea-wise, for this assignment, I didn’t really know what to do, so I decided to take a simple illustration that focused on my practice’s themes of emotion and use that expressive quality as a way to tether me to an assignment I was otherwise very empty-headed about, mostly because we’re at That Point in the semester where things are Hard ™ and other stuff with My Brain being My Brain.

I feel like I’m only grasping the surface of stuff we’ve learned in the past few weeks, but this is nonetheless a lot further than I’ve gotten with coding stuff in the past so I’m like, disappointed and proud? Prisappointed? Droud?