bumble_b – Loop


And since we were only supposed to use rect(), here it is without the text:

I had this idea for a little bee zooming around a jar of honey! Originally, I wanted three bees, but after seeing them run into each other and their little dashed lines getting all muddied up, I realized it looked too messy, so I simplified it!

I used noise for the honey (it’s very flow-y honey), and I decided to make lissajous curves for the bee! What I realized was that the bee didn’t rotate with the curve, so Golan showed me atan2() to make it happen! When I wanted to add the dashed lines, Connie showed me how to store the previous positions of the bees in arrays. However, the dashes would disappear every time it looped, so Connie (very kindly) printed and stored the positions of the last 10 dashes in the array so the gif would always start with them!

To be honest, it’s a lot more simple-looking than I imagined, and I feel bad and wish I did more, but I do think the simplistic cartoon-y look has it’s own charm! 🙂