I developed my project by first trying to make a heart, using the method of ABC DEF points. Once I got a heart I liked, I wanted to do something fun with it and thought of making an arrow through the heart. For the arrow, I used the line() command made certain parts darker to convey depth. I put a greater opacity on the outline of the heart which I like the effect of. Then, I added words. I was interested in making the image move, but I wasn’t able to figure out how after trying things that were done in the demo.

I think it’s interesting to compare my work to the 10,000 bowls of oatmeal problem because I am beginning to understand it better. I feel that my project has the oatmeal problem because all of the names are the same and it is a still image. I think that in the future, I will definitely try to make it interactive or at least moving, because I feel like that helps with the oatmeal problem. I would also like to add more color.


Compton’s “10,000 Bowls of Oatmeal Problem” explains the phenomenon that it can be hard to generate a system that has perceptual differentiation. Although each output may be different, when making art, it is up to human aesthetics to determine the uniqueness of each. An example of when this would be a problem would be if you did 10,000 loads of laundry, each time using different types and amounts of soap because the clothes would turn out looking the same each time. However, if you took 10,000 bananas and dipped them into different types of color dye, they would all come out looking different. A strategy to overcome this problem might be to think about the differentiating aesthetics of your possible outputs before beginning the project so that you will know what to aim for.