Monday – Environment



For this project I wanted to create an atmospheric, calming place. I wanted to replicate the feeling of a walk at night and focused a lot on the ambience and lighting choices and took a lot of inspiration from some of my favorite games that I really appreciate for their peaceful environments.

rathesungod – Environment

As an inter dimensional gas station, I wanted to create a spot separate from the actual reality of the world. It is a place where the hidden and beautiful aspects of the world come to rest and have fun. It is a secret spot where only a certain type of person can reach. I wanted to also create a space where the size and shape of things can combine and move in different ways like the subway entrance and the cars.


shrugbread- PhazeroVideo

I am appreciative of the mention of how a project can get away from its original intent and still be an interesting piece of art. Starting a game and not knowing if it will become a horror or a walking simulator, but the genre having little impact on the expectations or quality of the said game is very comforting. Not having to stick to the confines of genre is very comforting.


I started screenshotting from lesson 4 because before then there wasn’t really much to show







Then…tragedy struck…and a lot of my assets got deleted


…Even MORE tragedy struck all of my materials got deleted

but hey…at least the pool is intact

I now stand defeated by Unity.

I kept watching the tutorials though!

YoungLee – Phazero Lecture

My favorite part of her presentation was when she mentioned those middle school students playing her game and interacting with the emotions brought up throughout the gameplay. It was very heartwarming to see how her creation affected those around her, and similarly, I also want to make art that has a profound impact on others in a positive way.

I also found it inspiring when she said that when she needed to learn to program, she learned it herself, and when she needed to learn 3D modeling using various software, she learned it herself using the internet (~29:03). I found this to be very true especially throughout this academic year. We learned so many tools and software that it was really up to us to learn how to use them ourselves, figure out certain bugs and work through it using the internet/forums.

Monday – PhazeroVideo

I really enjoyed this presentation and I really appreciated the Q & A segment at the end because it meant a lot to me to hear about learning and traversing game development and design alone from someone with an arts background and interest like mine.