rathesungod – Creature


For this project, I wanted to emulate an environment that I’ve experienced every time I took the subway in New York. Stuck with my headphones in my ears and loud noises coming from every direction, I daydream the most random things as I wait for my next train. It almost feels as if my eyes are springing out as my mind roams freely. So, I created Fern, a turtle -frog mixture that is patiently waiting for his next train to arrive.

When pressing the mouse on the screen, his eyes should appear to spring out all the way down to the screen. I created  a black and gray tone that flashes back and forth as a subway would when traveling through tunnels. But when pressing the mouse continuously, the colors of the subway windows should change quickly like a disco party.


rathesungod – Loop

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In process of creating this animated gif, I wanted to create a character that worked with the background as well as give a cool/warm toned look. It was a really interesting process trying to have the gif loop and be animated in a way that I liked it. As for my sketching process, I had different ideas around one character but ultimately settled for my first idea.











rathesungod – LoopResearch


I love how fluid the cube becomes after a slight second of stillness. It creates different forms with lines to have an optical illusion pleasing to my eyes.


It’s sort of like cuteness overload in the best way. It makes me feel overwhelmed in the best way.


This gif is so clean and flawless that it makes me wonder if this was actually animated. Also the sound effects play a really big role in this.

rathesungod – Loop Reading

In Groeger’s “On Repeat: How to Use Loops to Explain Anything,” she explains the history and importance of gifs and how they’ve contributed to creating visual forms of information and art. As I was reading this article, I kind of realized how the list of different forms of gifs kept on continuing. Leading to how I realized the endless possibilities of what loops can mean and show.

Something that particularly caught my attention was this flying squirrel gif that was made from the Smithsonian Library. It really brings the original image alive and show people a little “show” for their studies.

rathesungod – Wallpaper


This is my first landscape or (cityscape) wallpaper.  So after my generative wallpaper wasn’t exactly hitting the spot, I went back to my original plan before the assignment was altered. I wanted to create a warm toned cityscape that specifically reminds me of summer 2019 of different time stamps.

Here’s a quick sketch that I did before I started:

Generative Wallpaper (kinda fail)

This was my first generative wallpaper that I had made. My goals were to achieve lots of color with different elements and shapes that connected with each other. I created four versions with the following colors:

After finishing this wallpaper, I found myself stuck with the design and didn’t really like the final product. I also made a lot of altering versions of this wallpaper but none of them stuck out to me. But I was satisfied with the colors and how I learned new techniques with making pattern.



rathesungod – Readings03

In Rune Madsen’s “Color Models and Color Spaces,” Madsen explains the use of color in programming specifically. I was really interested in how the specific types of color space can be different according to computer retinas. It also talks about how there’s a definite difference that should be taken into mind when comparing colors in both in person and online.

rathesungod – Reading02

Kate Compton’s “10,000 Bowls of Oatmeal Problem” has sparked a new view on orientation and possibility based on procedural generation. Compton states, “I can easily generate 10,000 bowls of plain oatmeal, with each oat being in a different position and position and different orientation, and mathematically speaking they will all be completely unique, but the user will likely just see a lot of oatmeal.” From this, you can really see the way procedural generation can be viewed to the viewer and from the generator.

One example that Compton’s blog got me interested in were tattoo shop deals on days such as Friday, the 13th and Halloween where tattoos are given for free but at the expense of not knowing what their tattoo looks like. I think about how a random generator can be part of the process of your daily life and implemented as a “thing” that happened in your life, or a meaningful destined tattoo. But in conclusion, Compton’s blog opened my eyes to the definition of purpose and meaning in our choices, emotions, and environment.


rathesungod – LookingOutwardsDo2

Latent Boids: The Fatherhood
too weird to live, too rare to die

always finding the way to plug in some reference to Ralph Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson

I found this piece to be eye catching and fluid at first glance. I was really interested in the line work and primary colors that worked together against a white background.