rathesungod – Wallpaper


This is my first landscape or (cityscape) wallpaper.  So after my generative wallpaper wasn’t exactly hitting the spot, I went back to my original plan before the assignment was altered. I wanted to create a warm toned cityscape that specifically reminds me of summer 2019 of different time stamps.

Here’s a quick sketch that I did before I started:

Generative Wallpaper (kinda fail)

This was my first generative wallpaper that I had made. My goals were to achieve lots of color with different elements and shapes that connected with each other. I created four versions with the following colors:

After finishing this wallpaper, I found myself stuck with the design and didn’t really like the final product. I also made a lot of altering versions of this wallpaper but none of them stuck out to me. But I was satisfied with the colors and how I learned new techniques with making pattern.