heimlich exhibits one which is identical with its opposite, unheimlich does not stand for things which are not identical, or identical with their opposite. The same applies to die unheimlich (though, perhaps, that should be pronounced einfach unheimlich rather than unheimlich).

Freud’s concept of “parapraxis,” the inadvertent slip of the tongue that reveals a hidden truth, applied to his theories about repression. Many people have described things that don’t make sense or seem disconnected in a particular scenario to be the result of suppressed memories, for example, someone being kidnapped and put in a basement for weeks in an abusive household where they were either starved or fed a slop-like food. A person coming to, having experienced a ton of conflicting emotions (which was essentially the default setting for them, since they had never been allowed to
I was trying to see if I could use this to finish my art history presentation in a believable way… turns out I cannot.