bumble_b – LookingOutwards07

I spent quite a bit of time looking through the Bitsy websites and playing games. If I’m being honest, as someone who is a big fan of video games (especially the 8-bit variety), I was pretty disappointed with the depth (or lack of depth) of them. There were a few inspired by Mario where you just sorta kept pressing the arrow key until you ran into some coins and got a message that said “You grabbed 1 coin!” over and over again. It got kind of annoying and boring fast. (Although, I really enjoyed the retro design of this Mario game.) AND, I am definitely inspired by the possibilities and the ideas that I have!!!

This game was probably the most enjoyable to me because I love fishing mini games. Of course, there was no actual fishing mechanic; rather, you just pressed the left key over and over again to catch fish. Again, I’m probably expecting WAY too much of these, so I can at least admit this one was pretty darn cute.

I also noticed that some people were making these sorts of plug-ins/add-ons or something? that I really liked, like this Arabic Font one that I would totally use! I’m so excited for the workshop on Wednesday! 🙂