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A whole lot of heart

A bee and honey

I don’t know why the heart gif isn’t working, but I chose these two p5 works I did for my 0.1 Tezos mints! I’ve just started creating some really cool art this semester in this class (the past two years I have been creating more physical and 3D designs that I would’ve put up, but they would’ve just been photos of physical objects instead of actual creations), so I had some fun work from this class to choose from!

Sting  ray  petting  zoo

This is the work that I decided to put up for 1 Tezos. I feel kind of bad because I know this isn’t exactly the incredible work of art expected for the higher priced piece, but as we all know, I don’t really do art. I did this little pattern for my Basic Design class last year about my favorite part of the Georgia Aquarium… the place you can pet sting rays! It’s not perfect, and I definitely cringe looking back on it because I could do it much better now, but I’ve always loved this! I find it kind of simple, ugly, and charming.