bumble_b – GPT2

1. (I’m so sorry, I just thought this would be funny lol.) “Golan Levin’s horrible class is having its end-of-term exam tomorrow.


The class is trying to convince him that, given a choice, he would rather have his hands broken.

Meanwhile, between sessions, they’re all heading out to a bar called Izmir to meet up with the girls and gossip.

It’s amazing that he’s not going to be in mortal terror when he arrives.

How do these people keep so calm?

After all, they’re crammed into a tiny, stifling cellar with each other, listening to a philosophy teacher pontificate on the”

2. “I hope I die at 55.

I want to die at 55, die completely, die fighting, I want to die.

Then I heard again from this voice who first told me I would die soon.

He’s the one I called the voice that wrote me a love letter.

He said he wanted me to live, that I should live.

His point was that I can do anything I want to do and be anyone I want to be.

I believe him, but then I was made to feel guilty.

I went back to smoking cigarettes for 2 weeks and it was horrible.

I felt horrible.

I was depressed, sick.”

3. “There’s nothing left of him that I would want anyone else to see.

He died for me.

That is the only true thing that has to matter.

I’d rather be completely alone than have another one of these people in my life who allow themselves to be used by the enemy for vengeance.

I don’t have any expectations that people I call friends will join me in mourning or find me funny when I’m in tears.

That’s not how life works.

But what I do expect, and what I will always expect, is that when I need a friend, that person will”

Reflection: Okay, wow this was fun! The second and third ones I generated were so weirdly poetic and dark. I love that the generator was capable of going there. I thought the first one was really funny, though. When it generated the single-word sentence “Torture.” I seriously laughed out loud. All jokes, of course!!