bumble_b – UnityEssentials


Visualize a house project with Unity 2019

What you should know

Exercise files

1. Setting up the Unity Project

Installing Unity

Project set up overview

File management and project organization

2. Understanding the Unity Interface

Intro to the Unity user interface

Customizing the UI

Key navigating shortcuts in Unity

Unity documentation

Unity roadmap

3. Working with Assets

GameObjects and asset creation

The Asset Store and Package Manager

Guidelines for asset import

Importing assets into Unity

4. Applying Materials

Introduction to materials

Creating and organizing new materials

Material and texture properties

Advanced custom materials

5. Prefabs

What are prefabs?

Creating prefabs

Edit instances of the prefab

Prefab variants

6. Level Building

Introduction to ProBuilder

Exploration of ProBuilder tools

(At this point, my computer decided it couldn’t handle everything and decided to lose its mind, so I had to re-download everything onto an external drive, which meant that I had to relink the house in Unity. Unfortunately, that means I lost those book covers and maybe some other things, but I didn’t really have the time to go back and fix everything. But I did those steps in the tutorial before this happened, so it’s okay. Just a heads up for why things may look different from this point forward.)

Block the floor with ProBuilder

Props and scene assembly

7. Creating and Implementing Animation

Animation basics and editors in Unity

Animation controllers

Physics and rigid bodies

Create the first-person controller

8. Collisions

Unity collider components

Applying colliders

Optimizing collisions

9. Adding Audio

Introduction to audio in Unity

Adding ambient sound

The Unity Audio Mixer

10. Unity Lighting

Directional lighting

Point and spotlight

Area and emissive lighting

Finalize your lighting

Introduction to HDRP

Finalize HDRP for your scene

11. Baking Lighting

Introduction to light baking

Object and light parameters for baking

Texels exploration

Adding reflection probes

Lightmap results and settings

12. Particles and Shadergraph

Introduction to Visual Effect Graph

Creating the smoke effect, part 1

Creating the smoke effect, part 2

Creating the fire effect, part 1

Creating the fire effect, part 2

Intro to Shader Graph

13. Post-Processing

Installing the post-processing stack

Post-processing effects exploration

Other quality enhancements

14. Timeline: Creating Cinematics

Introduction to the Timeline Editor

Animating with the timeline

Add camera moves

Improving the animations

15. Introduction to Scripting

Introduction to C# programming

Writing the code

Implementing the script

16. Packaging Your Unity Project

Create a movie

Packaging your scene


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