#1: “fence”










This is an acrylic painting done using a cardboard stamp that I made in my 3D studio last semester. The pattern of this stamp was inspired by the Mongolian ger home skeleton. Using the three colors of the Mongolia flag, I randomly printed these patterns around the canvas. I really liked the result of the randomness. Then I used photoshop to invert the image I took of the painting. I think I was a little concerned with someone owning the original uninverted artwork but I actually like this version more. I like the contrast between the blue and yellow and the range of lightness of the colors.

#2: “spiral”


This is a still-life of a mixed media collage I did for my 2D studio last semester. I really liked this piece I did because it was so messy of a composition that it doesn’t appear to be a still-life. I think the unifier of the piece is the concept of a spiral. The target symbol at the center represents movement and that is where my title came from. Although I like this piece, I think others would enjoy it more so that’s why I decided to mint this piece.