Rune Madsen, Color Models and Color Spaces

I learned from this article that the CIEXYZ color space model displays the color range of many other modern color spaces. If the color space of whatever screen you are using has a different range to the intended color space, then some colors might not be visible. The RGB, HSL, HSV color spaces are all in the range of the sRGB color space. In p5js, I learned that color mode ranges can be changed as well. This means I can choose a number based on a different scale than the original model has.

Tyler Hobbs, Color in Generative Art

I like that Hobbs challenges the reader to discover their own knack for generating color palettes. The intro paragraph spoke directly to me because my wallpaper code became difficult when deciding how to randomize the colors without producing a bunch of palettes that just didn’t work together. I learned about sorting colors based on clustering, shapes, tones, probability, and more. He says that good color is “about placing them strategically,” which I hope to learn more about and use to expand my future artwork.