Bees and Bombs

#gif from Bees & Bombs

I really like this particular looping design that David Whyte created because it reminds me of Mongolian patterns. I included a reference image below of a pattern that is pretty common or familiar to me. The interesting thing about this is that not all lines or loops are going at the same speed. The image still loops, however, which is super confusing but intriguing at the same time. I like that in only several instances you can see the pattern so it is never complete.

Mongolian Traditional Ornaments on Behance












Cindy Suen

Cindy Suen created a looping animation based on the song ‘Team’ by Lorde for a performance on The Voice. The production company stated that they were trying this new visual approach’, for the show. This shows how music can be incorporated into the art. While music is an art form itself, I like how Cindy Suen puts another medium of artistry through generating gifs.

Andreas Wannerstedt

Apart from the creative and practical concept of this, I was mindblown at the effortless looping of this specific piece. There is so much ingenuity from the creator because there are so many pieces moving around that it keeps your focus on different parts of the video and entertained for a while.