you should eat breakfast by nbckc


I found this game because I was hungry and it sounded cool.

Just kidding.

As I began playing, I found this game genuinely intriguing and fun. I think we need more breaks during our day to go to bitsy and play mindless games like this. I like the interactive quality when the character bumps into other characters and stuff like “hey watch it” comes up. Using the direction keys, the player can move around the environment and go into different hallways or rooms. These areas have different purposes or figures. The goal of the game is to find the cafeteria and acquire a delicious breakfast. It took me a good amount of time to find the cafeteria but I think a part of that was because I was interested in the responses of the characters I was bumping into.

I think this game would be super fun if it  generated a new map or a variety of combination of maps.

(Couldn’t screenshot during the game, so these are bad iphone quality photos)