Bitsy! Fun game/narrative making with pixels! That’s what I’m gathering so far. People are making lots of pretty and intricate stuff with only pixels, and I find that cool but also intimidating since I am like, .006 percent familiar with making pixel art in general. Clicked on one and it had sound, which surprised me, but maybe it shouldn’t have. All of these games seem intense, either by like, concept or purely by attention to detail in the visuals. Kinda struggling to find more than, like, five or so on the first page that don’t have to deal with something sad or horror related in their content. Is horror stuff just a thing among bitsy makers? I love the aesthetic, but I could do without any jumpscares at the moment so I don’t exactly have the courage to delve into actually looking at the game.

Okay, there’s one that looks all sunny-ish. Let’s give it a go. Okay, it’s cute but it’s also repeated the same passage like five times so I’m wondering if I did something wrong. Now I’m on a different page, but I have no clue what I’m supposed to do. Maybe my intuition for this sort of thing is off?

Okay! Scrolling through the scary and sad! Aaaand I’ve found… this! I guess it’s cute? Don’t know why I expected it to be more fun than it is so far. I thought it would like, be me having the opportunity to name the fish? But instead I’m a bubble floating around the tank looking at their names like I’m in a gallery. Again, maybe I’m missing something.