teachable machine project 

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These are the ringtones that my sister, whom I share a room with, annoyingly uses for all of her alarms. I can wake up with ease from my alarms and I even wake up naturally on time. However, my older sister is the opposite. She needs over 10 alarms and she tends to sleep through them all. It’s pretty annoying when you sleep 10 feet away from her. As a result, these two alarm sounds TRIGGER me. When I was playing these to annoy her, she told me to just wake her up when they go off, because she can’t do it herself. So I created this system that alerts me to wake her up when it hears any of these two alarms. I used my iPhone to play the sounds directly into my airpod microphone.  The first alarm was clearly distinguishable to teachablemachine but the second alarm, called Slow Rise, was jumping around from all three categories. After evaluation, it seems like Slow Rise sounds too much like Constellation. I might need to insert a different alarm sound or continue to record different audio samples.  I think this project could take it a step further with some coding.





[video-to-gif output image]

^gif of how I transferred the ringtones to teachablemachine. (ps. I’m not mad)

code in progress

[video-to-gif output image]

I’m trying to put this project into p5js so I can make a visual alert to wake up my sister.