Monday – NFT Immersion

Beneath the Stars

Celebrate everything.


When I was looking at the different NFT marketplaces, I had a lot of mixed feelings about the work being sold and their worth and I really had no idea what kind of criteria I needed to use to judge these artworks. Although a lot of them show good craftsmanship, I wasn’t convinced if they were worth the cost of the energy they came with. I felt some disdain for pieces I felt lacked any type of originality or meaning, but I don’t know the original concepts of them. One that I chose, Celebrate Everything, had the same style and color choices that many online title the “Corporate Art Style.” This type of style, characterized by geometric figures with oversized and colorful limbs in utopian settings, is used by dozens of large corporations to appear vibrant and friendly, but lack any meaning when it’s used simply to make a flowery appearance.